Friday, February 27, 2009


is what keeps me going
without him i have no idea where i would be

drive through

i think i am going to jalisco too much
but dang i love those carne asada tacos....

prune feet

i let jack take a bath till his feet look like this
then he knows its time to get out....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

jack findings

here are a few yellow things
i am feeling a color theme this week
these are of jacks messes....


jack got a haircut
i shouldnt have cut it
i have met a new hairdresser
he will deal with us from now on
he and jack are new buddies


thinking green
cant wait to start planting
everything is budding and flowers are blooming
i will have a great recycled garden by may
really excited to take finished photos

valentine date

so jack and i had a date to feed the ducks
he was my valentine this year
we had a great day
sometimes being around a child is all you need to get by...


so while i was waiting for the tire
took some photos
i love sunsets i think the best
it makes everything warm and glowing
i think i need to live in the country
it is becoming more and more evident in my life

new friends

so i have made some new friends
they are fantastic
i have a crazy time with them
yesterday we were driving in the country to a friends house
we got a flat
fixed it
got another
had to get a ride
i love you debbie!!!

really though....

as some may know my life has totally changed it the last 2 months
i have been chewed up and spit out of a job.
things are up in the air for me and i am behind in this blog
i am slowly getting back on track.
so i am posting a ton of photos to make up for it...
this one is on my last day of my job
an everyday view on my wall
dont worry i took my mirror home...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

more to follow

i saw this in a tree tonight
once a fortune teller told me there are angels always surrounding me...
kinda makes you think...

holy cow

i have been out of town and i am just now getting around to catching up.
i have 15 photos to make up but here are some i have been taking lately.
and by lately i mean this week...
its good to be back....