Saturday, January 3, 2009

number two

so far the photos are all of my son. i have had time off and we are busy doing all the things that a three year old needs to do. i plan on taking one photo a day and posting it daily. i just started and need to catch up. i have been seriously taking photos since i was about 14. i knew then that i wanted to do something in the arts.i see everyday that the best thing you can ever make in your life is a child. they are so amazing. it is great to see how his creativity comes out daily. it is a love affair. this photo was when we were cleaning up christmas and we forgot an ornament.

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  1. stephanie,
    i love love love this. what an awesome project for the new year. your photos really are a light from your experience. thanks for sharing....and i do hope this will turn into an exhibit of 365 photos!